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“FOOS: Be The Greatest” – Announcement Story

“A fabulous job of capturing the essence of the ‘foos’ experience.”
- Kathy Brainard, Co-Author Complete Book of Foosball

It is a game played on every continent and every nation. It is the mechanized child of the planet’s most popular sport played with little men skewered onto sticks and placed into a desk-sized playing field with a walnut sized ball.

Limp Lettuce Productions LLC presents a Robert Ismert documentary, “FOOS: Be The Greatest”, which will be available soon on DVD (

Neither a stranger to the sport, nor to journalism, Robert Ismert documents for the first time the essence of the ‘foos’ experience and the wild-ride that is the history of American foosball.

Through interviews with the game’s greatest players and accompanied by the most comprehensive collection of foosball images, video and music ever compiled, ‘FOOS’ tells the complete story of one of the most popular games ever created.

Follow the highs and lows of the sport through its humble beginnings of arcade hustlers and rag-tag barroom matches to big money tournaments and Million Dollar Tours. During the 1970’s, foosball quickly became a national phenomenon. It was the 8th largest sport in the world and was featured in Sports Illustrated, 60 Minutes and ABC News.

As quickly as it swept across America, it collapsed even quicker resulting in suicide, fraud, bankruptcy and the almost complete disintegration of an entire sport, yet, it has survived.

Director Robert Ismert skillfully intertwines the game’s great players, promoters and history with the lives of two diverging players as they attempt to overcome their own struggles and demons to fulfill their foosball dreams.

And ultimately discover what it takes to BE THE GREATEST.

When a game is all you have left…there is hope. There is foosball.

Robert Ismert presents a Limp Lettuce Production LLC of a Robert Ismert documentary, “FOOS: Be The Greatest”. Produced and directed by Robert Ismert. Music is by Gary Paulak.




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The History of American Foosball DVD
A Robert Ismert Documentary
A foosball movie video documentary about the players, promoters, history and passion of American foosball ( also known as table soccer, baby foot, and table football ).


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