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Foosball is one of the most popular table games in the world. Literally played on every continent and every nation, foosball’s player base is estimated to be in the millions worldwide. Players’ skills range from the casual “bar-hack” to professional level.

Professional foosball in America is played almost exclusively on Tornado brand tables. In the southeast of America, Bonzini tables are very popular.

Players are rated: Rookie, Expert, Pro, and Pro Master. Points are earned at each tournament. Players pay entry fees which are then applied to the total purse of each tournament. The tournament directors will also add to the prize money.

Popularity in foosball is surging all over the globe. Prior to this year’s FIFA World Soccer Cup, a Foosball World Cup was held in Germany. The United States lost to France and Austria came out on top. for more information

Local tournaments are played in cities all over the country. Formats generally include BYP (Bring Your Partner) or the more popular DYP (Draw Your Partner) in which teams are paired randomly. It costs between $5-10 to enter local tournaments.

Two to three national tournaments are held each year: The Kick-Off Classic each March and the World Championships each September. The larger tournaments usually fall on major holidays such as Memorial Weekend or Labor Day Weekend. Total prize money ranges from $25,000 to $150,000.

The Foosball Hall of Fame, started in 1986, has enshrined dozens of the most influential players, promoters and broadcasters in the game. Players are inducted each year at the Kick-Off Classic in Las Vegas.

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The History of American Foosball DVD
A Robert Ismert Documentary
A foosball movie video documentary about the players, promoters, history and passion of American foosball ( also known as table soccer, baby foot, and table football ).


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