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“The definitive history of foosball in the United States.”
- Bob Furr, Tornado Table Inventor

Foosball Movie Production Information

Robert Ismert earns his first documentary feature credit with “FOOS: Be the Greatest”. Ismert saw the opportunity to document the story of foosball as a different kind of challenge. “I had thought about tackling a documentary for quite some time,” said Ismert. “My background is in photojournalism. I briefly worked at a small newspaper, but didn’t like the limited depth that short deadlines usually entailed. Documentaries were gaining popularity around the time I began the project. I began to play the game frequently around the year 2000 and went to a large tournament. It was there that I saw some of the real passion of foosball and it just clicked: here’s my documentary.”

Ismert’s original idea for the documentary centered around a doubles team from Dallas that he would follow for a summer leading up to the 2003 Foosball World Championships. As he became involved with the development of the material, the story took on a very different scope. “As I spoke with more players, I learned about the history of the sport. The huge tournaments of the 70’s and the collapse in the early 80’s were very interesting to me. So the more I researched the sport, the more and more I leaned toward a complete history of the game and less toward my original concept.”

“FOOS” began production early March 2003 in Dallas, Texas utilizing a hotbed for foosball tournaments as well as the Texas State Championships. Having recently purchased a Canon XL1S DV camcorder, Ismert essentially jumped head first into the action. “I had no idea what I was doing at that time. My foosball knowledge was very limited and I had no clue what questions to ask or whom to ask them. But I learned so much from that first tournament and it pointed me in the right direction.”

Following that tournament, Ismert worked the next two years interviewing players and promoters from each era of foosball. He traveled from Minnesota to Las Vegas and flew players into Dallas to gather the necessary interviews to make the documentary as complete as possible. This was no easy feat considering that Ismert financed, taped, sound recorded and lit each interview by himself. “I knew I had an emotional and personal thread that I could run throughout the entire history of foosball once I interviewed Horton in Minnesota. I only wish my lighting and sound experience were a little more advanced at the time of the interview. Horton combined with my interview of Scott Moreland and finally my interview with Lee Peppard really helped me mold the movie.”

Research was also a large part of the documentary. Ismert utilized the foosball message boards on the Internet as well as several foosball historians. Attempting to coral over 30 years of foosball history proved to be a daunting task. “In a way, I was very fortunate the movie took so long to complete. New images, video and interviews kept popping up that weren’t available early on in the process. The foosball community was very generous with their memories, but so much has been lost over the past thirty years.”

Post production was entirely done by Ismert as well. Using a home PC, Adobe Premiere and a borrowed television monitor, Ismert spent countless hours transcribing, distilling and refining over 70 hours of video tape interviews, 500+ foosball photographs and dozens of hours of additional news and foosball tournament coverage. “From shooting techniques to editing techniques to sound techniques, I learned so much throughout the entire process. It was quite a rewarding experience. The most important thing I probably learned…use a script next time.”

“I knew I wanted to capture the essence of foosball going into the project,” Ismert said. “Hopefully not only foosball players, but the general public will watch the movie and gain a new appreciation of what makes this such a great game.”



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The History of American Foosball DVD
A Robert Ismert Documentary
A foosball movie video documentary about the players, promoters, history and passion of American foosball ( also known as table soccer, baby foot, and table football ).


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