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FOOS - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - DO NOT COPY The completely volunteer staff at is made up of touring foosers and their families.
The North American Table Soccer Association The North American Table Soccer Association is dedicated to improving the foosball experience for all players.
International Table Soccer Federation International Table Soccer Federation is a non-profit federation, working for the promotion of table soccer.
Valley International Foosball Association The Valley International Foosball Association is an Association of coin machine operators, foosball table manufacturer and foosball players, working together to provide increased interest in the game of foosball.
Valley®-built Tornado A Valley®-built Tornado table is not just another piece of coin-operated equipment. And it's definitely not just another foosball table.
Warrior Table Soccer Yet the frequency of tournaments, the quality of tournaments, the size of the purses, and the availability of quality tables and parts at reasonable prices has diminished as competition in the marketplace has dried up. It is our mission at Warrior Table Soccer to change this. So Welcome to the Big League!
Bonzini We are the exclusive distributors of the world's most popular table-soccer game. While imitations of this table are present, only now can you play and practice on the original model recognized worldwide for its quality construction and unique style of play through Bonzini U.S.A. Our business is totally focused on table-soccer and it's growth in the U.S. Baby Foot Table Football
Foosball Rankings Welcome to - the complete resource companion for Foosball fun and competition. is a free service for foosball enthusiasts to track their games and improvement by competing in clubs and in the global ranking system.
Inside Foos Inside Foos has been the official video production company of the Tornado Professional Foosball Tour for more than 12 years.
United States Table Soccer Federation Home of the United States Table Soccer Federation.
Try our new line of professionally crafted Foosball learning DVDs Master foosball champion, Phil Schlaefer teaches you how to beocme a winning pro.
TableSports Radio

TableSports Radio provides you with foosball news and all the inside stories with updates, results and interviews with the players and personalities that bring the excitement to the pro tour!

Listen to the interview with FOOS - Be the Greatest director Robert Ismert "" is created to encourage foosers to share their foosball skills and knowledge, have fun and make friends.
foosball The Jacksonville Table-Soccer Players Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of foosball. Table-soccer is fun for all ages and is played at a wide range of skill levels.
Atlanta Foosball Our goal is to help local Foosball Players locate and participate in events, tournaments & activities in Georgia. Your comments & suggestions are welcome.

The Netherlands Table Soccer Site

Q: Wat is eigenlijk?
A: is een online overzicht van en voor de Nederlandse Tafelvoetbalsport. (on-line sinds 1996) (short for foosball bars) is a foosball bar (bars, pubs, clubs, taverns, lounges, cafes) playing locations directory.
Foos Manchu "Can you remember the last time you were so engrossed in an conscious about the task and challenges at "living in the moment" that when you glanced at the clock, hours had passed like minutes...and minutes like seconds? Welcome to the world of foosball."
New England Foosball Welcome to New England Foosball Association's Website.
Foosballheaven is your Foosball Launch Site!
Canada Foosball We are a federation
interested in bridging the gaps between manufacturers, distributors and players to
improve the quality of play and products in Canada.
North Carolina North Carolina foosball.
Quebec Table Soccer Association Quebec Table Soccer Association.
Ironweeds Gary Paulak Barry Thomas Goldberg and The Variations are a new four piece rock n' roll band composed of former members of Sombertown and The Ironweeds. The Variations are Gary Paulak on guitar, Jay Lee, bass and Scott Homan, drums. They perform songs from singer, guitarist Barry Thomas Goldberg's two critically acclaimed CDs "Empire Moon" and "Cottonwood"
Tues & Thurs Tournaments @ The Break! Sunday's at Guys & Dolls
Vancouver Foosball! Welcome to Vancouver Foosball!
California Foosball California Foosball
Colorado Foosball Colorado Foosball Action!
New York Metro Foosball the New York metro area.
Foosball Tournaments and other local foos news.
Michigan The mission of M-Foosball is to promote all levels of recreational and competitive Table Soccer (Foosball) at the University of Michigan. Sharpen your skills at weekly club gatherings, featuring free foosball at the Michigan Union Billiards room. Test your skills at monthly tournaments. And if you come out on top, you can play for the glory of U-M at the regional foosball championship!
Canadian Foosball Website Canadian Foosball Website. Tournaments, video and more.
German Foosball Site German Foosball Site
Du bist noch neu im Tischfussball-Sport und möchtest mehr darüber erfahren? Hier kannst Du Dir einen kurzen Überblick über die Tischfussball Basics verschaffen.
Las Vegas Foosball The purpose of this website is to provide a foosball resource for foosers in the greater Las Vegas Valley and foosers who visit Sin City.
New York Foosball Welcome to the all new website v2.0. I'm sure it's pretty buggy since we changed a lot, so just let me know if you run into any problems. Check out our new look, as well as our new photo gallery and last but not least gear!!
foosball Idaho foosball site operated by Charlie Parker. Includes videos, pictures, downloads and tournament schedules.
foosball Argentina Table Soccer
Sitio Oficial / Official WebSite de Metegol de la República Argentina - Fundada en 1997
foosball Hong Kong Foosball Association
Officially founded in 2001, the Hong Kong foosball scene has been active and growing for several years.
foosball table soccer Russian Table Soccer Federation
foosball table soccer LUXEMBOURG Foosball

Don’t we all want our favourite hobby to be recognized as a proper sport that requires skill and proficiency?
Why is there no TV coverage?
Why do people keep saying “oh, yes, foosball, I know that game, used to play it as a child”?

Foosball Southern Maine Foosball is a group of devoted foosball players who are making an effort to increase and improve the player base in southern Maine.
Do you know of a good place to play foosball? Maybe several? Let the world know! Click here to add a foosball location.
Iowa Foosball Website Iowa's foosball website
Welcome to the Foosball Australia Welcome to the Foosball Australia and the home of the Australian Foosball Federation. Foosball-Pur
This Site was provided, in order to bring and place around an useful table football portal in the net the own knowledge in the range Web programming in experience.


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The History of American Foosball DVD
A Robert Ismert Documentary
A foosball movie video documentary about the players, promoters, history and passion of American foosball ( also known as table soccer, baby foot, and table football ).


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