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Notes about the Foosball Songs
By Gary Paulak
Download original Table Talk song lyrics (1.1 meg PDF)

When Will I Win?

This song was probably written in mid 1978 because it was not included in the Foosball album, Table Talk. Tom Hansen told me of a conversation he had with Jim Wizwell in the days before Wiz and Fury were winning the big tournaments. According to Tom, Wiz had asked him when he would start winning. Tom had replied “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be beating everyone soon!”. So I took that theme, expanded it, and basically just wrote about how Wiz crushed his opponents.

Go For The Sky

This was the second foosball song I wrote. Lee Peppard asked me to write a song for the 1976 Nationals after he heard “Listen To The Gun”. I wanted it to be a song that everyone could identify with. This was the first time I appeared on stage performing an opening song before a National Foosball tournament. I remember getting a huge round of applause. It was great.

Listen To The Gun

The first foosball song I ever wrote. I think it was in early 1976. The “Gun” refers to my foosball mentor, Tom Hansen, who I met at Moby Dick’s bar in downtown Minneapolis. At the time, Tom had the strongest pull shot I had ever seen and it impressed me enough to write a song about it.


Subtitled “I’m No Nit”, Runaway is a song about not giving up. A “Nit”, a phrase I first heard from Johnny Lott, was a noob foosball player who was just plain crappy. After a tournament where I had the no-starts, choked, and lost early, I had to find something good about it so I wrote a song about not giving up.


I went to Seattle in 1976 to play a tournament with Tom Hansen. We drove from Minnesota and on the road I wrote “Montana Cowboy”. I remember we had practiced hard for a couple weeks and were looking forward to drilling anyone we face. We went out in two and were so mad at each other we wouldn’t talk. I wrote “Seattle” in the hotel room describing our woes in a tongue and cheek sort of way.

St. Louis '77

Another song I wrote on the road, this was while driving to St. Louis after the Chicago Playboy club tournament which was so much fun. I knew I needed a theme for the St. Louis Nationals so I wrote about the foosers mental state of mind, what it takes to win.

Montana Cowboy

This song was about Lee Peppard and the loyal staff of Tournament Soccer. I had written a number of songs about players so I decided to write one about the people who made it all happen.

Southern Belle

This was a different type of foosball song. It was written about Lori Schranz who I had admired ever since I first saw her play. I suppose I had a crush on her… but then a lot of foosers did. I remember asking her about her life so I could put it in a song. This is the first foosball ballad.

Porsche 911s

What can I say about this song? The night before Super Singles I was dining with the Lee Peppard and some of the Tournament Soccer crew when Lee asked me if I had a song ready for the event. For some reason I hadn’t prepared one and told him I’d start working on it right away. During dinner I got the melody for the chorus and by desert I added the words, “It’s brown, it’s fast, take the top down and step on the gas…” That night I finished the verses and the next day I played it for Lee, who didn’t seem all that surprised that I had written the Super Singles song in less than a day...

Young Fella

The second foosball ballad I wrote was about a good friend of mine, Ed Tuhkanen, who played back for Tom Hansen in a number of tournaments. Tuk was also one of the TS crew. When we hung out at Moby Dick’s, we used to go back to my place and play poker. Tuk was one hell of a gambler and this song is about his foosing and his gambling.

All songs written by Gary Paulak. Produced by Gary Paulak for Ironweeds Productions

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